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SVEZA Paint – Εμπορία ξυλείας


SVEZA Paint is a 100% birch plywood specially designed for painting.

The homogenous surface allows to reduce the consumption of paint, save time for pre-works and get smooth durable cover without cracking.

SVEZA Paint can be used for both interior and exterior works including walls, roof covering, facade decoration, doors and furniture, vehicle bodies and signs, sports equipment.

We offer SVEZA Paint in two colors: SVEZA Paint Kraft and SVEZA Paint Grey and two sizes: 4х8 and 5×10.

SVEZA Paint Kraft has a light brown surface and is more suitable as a base for warm colors.

SVEZA Paint Grey has a neutral grey universal surface suitable as a base for different variety of сolors.

Technical specifications

Strength specifications

Standard sizes, length x width, mm (ft)

1,220х2,440/1,250×2,500 (4х8)

1,500×3,000/1,525×3,050 (5×10)

Thickness, mm 6-21 (thicknesses up to 40 mm available upon customer’s request)
Glue type exterior (WBP)
Surface type smooth/smooth (F/F)
Surface color grey (SVEZA Paint Grey),

kraft (SVEZA Paint Kraft)

Film density, g/m2 205 (SVEZA Paint Grey),

214 (SVEZA Paint Kraft)

Edge sealing painted upon customer’s request
Formaldehyde emission class Е1
Density, kg/m3 640-700
Moisture content, % 5-14
Subject Thickness, mm Value
Static bending strength, N/mm2, not less along the outer layer grain 9-21 60
across the outer layer grain 30
Strengh in tension along the grain, N/mm2, not less 6-8 30
Modulus of elasticity in static bending, N/mm2, not less along the grain 9-21 6,000
across the grain 3,000