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SVEZA Titan – Εμπορία ξυλείας


SVEZA Titan is a high quality birch plywood with special abrasive coating that provides human safety, preservation of goods and durability of flooring in commercial vehicles.

SVEZA Titan is coated with unique film containing corundum particles which allow exceptional anti-slip properties and wear-resistance.

SVEZA Titan meets the max class of anti-slip properties(R13 according to DIN 51130) and corresponds to the security requirements of freight transportation according to standard EN 12195-1 (wood and plastic pallets).

In comparison to other SVEZA plywood SVEZA Titan features the highest level of resistance to surface wear (not less than 2 600 rotations, taber-test according to EN 438-2:2016)* and also resistant to loading of roller wheels (more than 10 000 cycles, rolling test according to standard SFS 3939).

* This figure is 5 times higher in comparison to regular SVEZA F/W.b

Technical specifications

Strength specifications

Standard sizes, length х width, mm (ft) 2,440×1,220×2,440/2,500×1,250×2,500 (8x4x8)

1,500×3,000/1,525×3,050 (5×10)

Thickness, mm 6–30 (thickness up to 40 mm available upon client request)
Surface type wiremesh/smooth (W/F)
Wear resistance (according to EN 438-2:2016 (taber-test)), more than, rotations 2,600
Rolling test (according to SFS 3939 (rolling-test)), not less, cycles 10,000
Slip resistance

(according to DIN 51130 (ramp-test))

Surface color black (W)/black, dark brown (F)
Film density black (125 g/m2)/dark brown (120 g/m2)
Edge sealing painted on request
Formaldehyde emission class E1
Glue type exterior (WBP)
Density, kg/m3 640-700
Moisture content, % 5-14
Subject Thickness, mm Index
Static bending strenght, N/mm2, not less along the outer layer grain 9-30 60
across the outer layer grain 30
Strength in tension along the grain, N/mm2, not less 6-8 30
Modulus of elasticity in static bending, N/mm2, not less along the grain 9-30 6,000
across the grain 3,000